Search engines and analysis

The WEB is now the highest-impact means to communicate on a massive scale. The 75% of the world's transactions takes place on the internet.

Having your own web site in the top results in search engines is the key to the success of your online activities.

SIIOS is able to offer its Customers:

  • A consulting service for your search engine rankings to maximize the visibility of a website;
  • Website development with proven techniques for proper indexing, optimization, search engine rankings, increasing link popularity;
  • Support to client companies in performance measurement through statistical analysis of accesses to the site. The analysis of results represents a strategically decisive moment in the development of communication strategies and business policies.

Our SEO technicians possess the know-how for the design, realisation and optimisation of internet sites, to be properly transposed and interpreted by search engines and directories:

  • We follow closely the guidelines dictated by the search engines (first of all, Google) to bring our clients web sites among the top results;
  • We constantly update so that our customers achieve tangible and concrete results;
  • We optimize the sites because we know the preferences of the algorithms of Google and other search engines.

There are many strategies that lead to the placement of a site: designing or optimizing a web site with the required parameters from the engines we have confidence that it will be transposed, indexed and positioned. Along the main road or by appealing to less direct but no less effective techniques.

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