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Product description



The ERP – Billing-Accounting Module manages the Summarized/Deferred Billing and the General/Provider Customer Accounting.

It is the “classic” business management software that every company has to use to manage documents, but with a step ahead: it’s a WEB MODULE. You won’t need: software to install or expensive servers within the company, you won’t have software or hardware maintenance problems and daily backups, you will have a hosting and right of use contract. You will only have to access, with your USER-ID and PASSWORD, through a PC or SMARTHPONE or TABLET connected to Internet.


Principal Features of our ERP – Billing-Accounting Module:


1)     Integrated module in our CMS GE-SIIOS.

2)     Integrated module with the Active - Passive Cycle Management.

3)     Integrated module with the Customers-Purchasers Archive Management.

4)     Generation of summarized bills from DDT based on the customer and the periodicity.

5)     Billing for subsidiary.

6)     Separeted billing for agents.

7)     Bill sending by e-mail and by certified e-mail.

8)     Accounting for summarized bills.

9)     Scedule control.

10)  Generation, management and presentation of effects.

11)  General, customer, supplier accounts.

12)  Account book.

13)  Collections and payments record.

14)  Movement research.

15)  Statements, statements with reminder.

16)  Schedule.

17)  Lots opened/closed.

18)  Customer/supplier outlet lists.

19)  Balance sheet/EEC (on request).

20)  Records (on request)

21)  Chart of accounts management, accounting and random parameters.

22)  Bank management (on request).



The module can be integrated with the ERP-Customer Archive Module, the ERP-Document Management Module and the ERP – Warehouse Module.


Every customer can be Purchaser and back.


Technical Details:

  • Developed in Asp.Net,, Java script, HTML5, CSS3
  • Relaional Database (SQL SERVER)
  • Multilanguage (It’s possible to manage more languages)








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