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Product description



The Congresses and Meeting Module enriches the wide array of Web Modules developed by SIIOS srl.

It is a complex module, specifically developed for customers operating in the field of congress and events organization.


This Module allows administrator users, fitted with user-id and password, to manage and organize conferences and meetings. It is possible to easily insert congress features, programs, general information, identification code and availability calendar periods, as well as pricing and additional services.


Our company can also manage services like hotel reservation for who’s participating to the congress and the trip to reach the venue.


The Module allows web users to search, display and insert a product (inscription to an event) in the “cart” after have seen its features and have compared it with similar products.

By filling in a prepared request module, the Congress and Meeting Module sends (by e-mail) an availability request to the administrator, who will contact the customer to confirm the registration.

Payments can be made by credit card or paypal . SIIOS Srl develops from time to time the code relative to the payment method. The Module saves all the transactions data on a file.




Front Office

Back Office

1)     Window  “Calendar”.

2)     Research for Title, Locality, and Text.

3)     Program, rappourter and other services display.

4)     Main / Secondary Event registration.

5)     Payment / Free Events.

6)     Dynamic Banners for category and single event.

7)     Hotel Booking.

8)     MultiLanguage.

9)     Social Network Connections (Facebook, Twitter).


1)     Group and single user administration.

2)     Mailing for e-mail mass submission user.

3)     Banner Management.

4)     Events (Programms and Rappourters) Managements.

5)     Participants Manegemant.

6)     Registration quotas and special requests Management.

7)     Curriculum Rappourters Management.

8)     Inscriptions Management with automatic e-mail sending.

9)     Hotels, Venues and Trips Management.

10)  Documets Management (Inscriptions, Bookings, Invoices, Badge, Voucher).

11)  Event Report and Statistics.



The CONGRESS and MEETING MODULE, like all SIIOS Web Modules can be inserted in an already exists web site.


The Module can be used in conjunction with the Active Cycle Document Module to generate inscriptions, invoices and Voucher. It is full of statistics and feedback. Module granted with license.



Technical Details:

  • Portal developed in Asp.Net, Ext.net, Java script, HTML5, CSS3
  • Relational database (SQL SERVER)
  • Multilanguage (It’s possible to manage more languages)








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