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Product description


Help Desk Module comes from the growing need of utility and production companies to provide adequate after-sales technical support and assistance to its dealers and customers.


SIIOS Srl has developed this module based on a solid Help Desk – post production and Call Tracking analysis, conducted with companies operating in the Customer Care field.

This module allows the management and tracking of the delivery of technical support calls or commercial requests. Thanks to its elastic structure and highly customizable form, you can use it in a variety of applications.


The Help Desk module is structured so as to allow a registered user, accessing the reserved area using a user-id and password directly from the company Web site, the submission of “calls” and their display and resolution by the staff within the company.

The call will be shown to an Engineer who can fix it and close it, or can assign it to a specific Technician.


The possibility to divide the “calls” on personalized categories, allows to define several Responsible Technicians according to the interest field, so, for example, the Sales Manager will receive only commercial requests, the Technical Manager will receive only technical requests and the Purchasing Manager will see only purchase requests, this only if there’s a proper division of tasks and responsibilities within the company. All the steps of the “calls”, from the inserting to the fixing, will be tracked by sending automatic e-mails, that will notify the request’s change of state, to the stakeholders.

The user, besides receive the notification e-mail, can, in every moment, check the request’s condition by connecting to the company’s web-site.


Overview of the functionalities:


  • Management and tracking of the delivery of technical support calls or requests.
  • User’s access to a reserved area with user-id and password.
  • Simplified inserting of the “call” with the possibility to enclose files.  
  • Real-time visibility into the state of the “call” from the user.
  • Report of incoming “calls” by e-mail at Focal Point.
  • Possibility to assign “calls” to default technicians based on the call’s category.
  • Research of already present solutions to known problems.
  • Operation’s tracking by e-mail.
  • Possibility to open, close and reopen a “call”.


The Help Desk module, like all SIIOS’ Web modules can be inserted in an already exists web site. Module granted with license.  


Technical Details:

  • Developed in Microsoft Visual Studio.Net
  • Relational database (SQL SERVER)
  • Multilanguage (It’s possible to manage more languages)







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