Documenti: Ciclo Attivo e Passivo

Product description



The ERP - Active and Passive Cycle module manages all the company’s documents about Clients and Purchasers.

It is the “classic” business management software that every company has to use to manage documents, but with a step ahead: it’s a WEB MODULE. You won’t need: software to install or expensive servers within the company, you won’t have software or hardware maintenance problems and daily backups, you will have a hosting and right of use contract. You will only have to access, with your USER-ID and PASSWORD, through a PC or SMARTHPONE or TABLET connected to Internet.


ERP – Active and Passive Cycle Features (Document Managing):


1)     Integrated module in our CMS GE-SIIOS.

2)     MultiCompany managing.

3)     Complete archive managing:

a.     Clients – Contacts;

b.     Purchasers;

c.     Agents;

d.     Couriers (individual or per week).

4)     Managing of marketing events about the customer.

5)     Complete warehouse managing with web products catalog exposure.

6)     Price lists managing:

a.     For manufacturing companies (customers price lists/customers group -> items group);

b.     For wholesalers/dealers, for rents (price lists by brand/item ->discounts -> customer).

7)     Periodicals price lists, discounts and promotions.

8)     Free creation of documents, document series and inventory movement reason codes.

9)     Free import of any document.

10)  Immediate or summarized invoices generation.

11)  Direct connection to accounting module (if present).

12)  Warehouse managing headed by documents with the possibility to make changes.

13)  Several Reports: lists, price lists and conditions, analysis and statistics for each document type.

14)  Prints from several formats: PDF, Excel, Word, with dynamic filters.

15)  Documents that can be sent by e-mail and certified e-mail.

16)  Sells and purchases statistics.

Technicals Details:

  • Developed in Asp.Net,, Java script, HTML5, CSS3
  • Relational Database (SQL SERVER)
  • Multilanguage (It’s possible to manage more languages)








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